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2019 Fall Retreat – FAQ

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Q: Is our group the only group using the facilities?

A: No. Lakeview is a popular destination for group events and we will be sharing the campus with seven other groups that weekend. However, Lakeview is very large, so there is ample space for all of us! We have exclusive use of our meeting rooms and are working to reserve blocks of time for exclusive use of some activity spaces, like the gym and indoor pool. We are all also staying in the same lodge and will all be wearing easily-identifiable lanyards with name tags. You won’t lose us!



Q: What is there to do during our free time?

A: Lakeview has lots of activities! There are outdoor playing fields for football, soccer, volleyball, and softball if you are feeling sporty. There is a fitness center with lots of exercise equipment if you want to get in a workout, plus an indoor gym and pool. There are various games, like foosball and pingpong, in the fitness center as well.  There are also several lovely spots to walk or sit and enjoy nature.


Q: What should I pack?

A: You should bring:

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, and any other toiletries you need. No toiletries will be provided.
  • Good walking shoes.
  • Paper and pens (or whatever you use to take notes)
  • Business Cards or Postcards – people might want to stay in touch!
  • Sketching supplies (if you’re an illustrator)
  • Cash/change/small bills for vending machines

Also, Look at the “What to Expect/Bring for Your Track” page to learn what your track’s facilitator expects you to have for your sessions.


Q: “Good walking shoes”? Will there be a lot of walking?

A: Yes. Our lodge is located some distance away from the Dining Hall, Tabernacle, and Fitness Center. You will be walking a lot. However, there is parking near all the facilities we will be using, so if you need to drive from place to place on campus, please feel free. Please note that the speed limit on Lakeview’s campus is 15mph and only park in designated areas.


Q: What kind of food will be served? What about those with dietary considerations?

A: Meals will be provided, and there will be a variety of options. If you have special dietary needs, please email SCBWI North Texas Regional Advisor Beth Mills at We will do our best but cannot promise to accommodate every dietary need.


Q: Is alcohol allowed?

A: No. Per Lakeview’s restrictions, no alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on the retreat grounds. Water is freely available and there are several vending machines with sodas for purchase.


Q: Are tobacco products allowed?

A: No. There is no smoking or use of any tobacco products allowed anywhere on Lakeview’s grounds. If anyone is caught using tobacco, SCBWI North Texas can be fined up to $200 per room, so please leave it at home.


Q: Will there be any one-on-one critique opportunities at the retreat?

A: There will not be formal one-on-one critique opportunities with the faculty, but we encourage you to swap manuscripts or portfolios for a peer critique while you’re there!


Q: Will I be able to submit my work to my track facilitator after the retreat?

A: Yes. Specific details will be given during or after the retreat.


Q: I looked at Lakeview’s website and noticed that the retreat center is affiliated with some religious groups. Will there be anything religious about this retreat?

A: No. There may be religious symbols around the facilities, and we will be sharing the campus with some religious groups, but there is nothing religious about our retreat.