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Challenge Yourself!

Happy November, North Texas!

As the end of the year creeps (or sprints) ever closer, you might be feeling like you haven’t achieved everything you set out to do this year. You might suspect time has gotten away from you. You might have found your 2019 writing and illustration goal list stuffed in the back of your desk drawer while looking for extra staples then spent the next 30 staring at a wall in despair. But this isn’t about me.

While you might want to wait until January to try to get back into your writing or illustrating groove, November offers a couple of writing and illustrating challenges that can help you finish your year strong.

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo

Want to finish November with 50,000 words of your new novel down on paper? NaNoWriMo offers resources and support for novel writers of all levels and ages. Sign up to track your progress, set milestones, and connect with other writers.

Folktale Week

Folktale Week is an Instagram art challenge. It runs from November 4th-10th. To participate, create artwork each day that reflects the day’s prompt word in some shape or form, then post and tag your art with #folktaleweek and #folktaleweek2019. Because it’s folktale week, illustrations of (or reminiscent of) classic folktales or fairytales are encouraged, but don’t be afraid to strike out and create your own story! Search #folktaleweek2019 on Instagram to find the prompt list.

Draw This!

Draw This! Is SCBWI’s monthly challenge for illustrators. Winning artwork is featured in the monthly Insight email. Learn more here.


Coming again January 2020! The goal of Tara Lazar’s StoryStorm is simple: 30 picture book ideas in 30 days. Learn more at her website. Registration will open in late December

Nonfiction Fest

 Coming February 2020, Nonfiction Fest is a brand new writing challenge for nonfiction writers (and our own Nancy Churnin is one of the organizers)! Join the Facebook Group NFFest for more details. Registration for the challenge opens January 15th and will be open for two weeks.

Other ideas 

Don’t love the idea of a formal challenge, but still want to do something with your November (or beyond)? Make your own challenge! Create your own 30 day plan to follow (or pick one of the thousands that come up when you google “30 day writing challenge”), find a buddy and commit to doing something (anything!) daily, or whatever!

What do you think? Post your own challenges to our chapter Facebook page!